Touch-Down in Arillas, Corfu, Greece


Country of crystal clear blue waters.
Sand between your toes and wind in your hair.
Lovely people, a heart opening energy.

Greece. Good for the soul.

Planning my trip to Guatemala to participate in a cacao retreat, I suddenly felt the need to have a home for a couple of months upon my return. Having travelled for nearly two years, my few belongings shelved in a storage unit in Austria, not having a base has become a bit tiresome and exhausting.

Realising this, I started browsing and collecting ideas of where I might want to stay after my return. Boom – there it was! Why not stay in Arillas for some time?!

And then, magic synchronicities happened – and a short while later, I had found a beautiful little hideaway for three months!

I’m surrounded by olive and fruit trees. The place has a good energy and allows my whole system to integrate all I have been given in the last two years. All the experiences on the Camino de Santiago, my encounters with Mama Aya and Huachuma; the deeply transformative shamanic teachings; the deep-dive into the realms of Mama Cacao; a new form of being a midwife & womb keeper, medicine woman and earth keeper & spaceholoer for nature-based ceremonies.

I’m sitting here, listening to the sound of the waves. I have always loved the water. She has helped cleanse and transform myself in countless situations in my life. The last two years have been a wild ride! Going through all the stages of the heroine’s journey brings brings beauty and joy – and it is challenging.

I’m here on this soothing Greek island to let her help me to integrate all of this. I have received so many gifts, and now it’s about sharing them with the world. I feel that all those different golden threats are being woven together magically. So I guess not it is time sit and wait and let Source do its work.

Thank you, John, for being so supportive and understanding. You leave me my freedom and you support me so beautifully on my journey. And I do the same for you. It truly feels as if we are on a journey of creating a new kind of relationship with each other. Thank you.

Katrin Schulze

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