It’s time to melt … Let yourself be seduced by the Food of the Gods (the meaning of the Theobroma cacao tree).

Savouring Cacao in a group ceremony is a wonderful way of connecting to her magic. I would like to invite you to go deeper: Drinking a cup of velvety cacao at home every day is a wonderful way of connecting more – with cacao, with yourself and those around you.

Please remember: to treat cacao with loving respect and honour her by being mindful while working with her. Find your own way of becoming present and create a sacred space. You could smudge the room, light a candle, play your favourite music, chant/sing, or pray. Honouring her in this way will help to retain all the good stuff that she bestows us with.

Have fun with the following recipes! Over time, you will find your favourite way of enjoying her – as a hot drink or a smoothie, in the form of bliss balls, brownies, confections, chocolate mousse (yes!) or cake.

A mug of Silky Cacao Magic

28g (1 oz) of Keith’s Cacao, finely chopped
130 ml of water (or more; you can experiment with adding vegan milk)
1/8 tsp ground cardamom
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1-2 drops natural vanilla flavour
Natural honey or maple syrup to taste
Please add other spices if you like – chilli, nutmeg, ginger, cloves…

> Chop the cacao into small pieces with a knife (you can then use a food processor to chop more finely; don’t blend too long or the cacao will start melting ūüėČ Place cacao into a little pot

> Heat the water to about 70-80 degrees or until you see vapour rising – don’t boil it (this would destroy the energetic qualities of cacao)

> Put the pot on low heat and slowly add some water, stir with a whisk to make a thick paste. Add the rest of the water, the spices and the honey.

> Once everything has dissolved beautifully, bring some extra smoothness in by using a blender.

Enjoy consciously, opening your heart for Mama Cacao’s medicine <3

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