Cacao is a powerful superfood, containing a range of very healthy ingredients like e.g.

  • Magnesium: mental clarity & focus, bone & heart health, metabolises carbs and glucose, prevents type 2 diabetes, relief from constipation, PMS, anxiety
  • Antioxidants and Flavonols: slow damage to cells by free radicals, support cardiovascular & cognitive health, relax blood vessels, improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure
  • Theobromine: „opens the heart“ (energetically and physically), cardiovascular stimulant provides mental focus, lifts mood and energy, relaxes smooth muscle tissue
  • PEA (the „love chemical“; psychoactive compound): increases dopamine production, enhances attentiveness and elevated mood, helps with depression, weight loss, attention, athletic performance
  • Anandamide (the „bliss chemical“, psychoactive compound): makes us feel high and blissful
  • Potassium

Compared to other brands, Keith’s Cacao contains very few caffein.

There are a few contraindications like the intake of high dosages of SSRI and MAOI’s. Please get in touch if in doubt and see here.